Sunrise is a poem about finally seeing someone who you might have taken for granted. I try to look at the positive side of life. This is the second poem in “Lighthouse, inspiration” by me, Glynn Gomes. If you like it, check out other sample poems by visiting...

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Astronomer’s Vision

Astronomer’s Vision from “Lighthouse, inspiration,” the new eBook of poetry by, #glynngomes (that’s me!). I wanted to start this book with this poem because…. Well, have you ever looked at the stars and just wondered how vast the universe or just how vast...

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How to Redeem an iBooks Promo Code

Great: You’ve received a promo code to get an Apple iBook for free. Now, how do you use it? How to redeem the code is NOT intuitive. In fact, the process is different depending on what device you use: For iPhone, Open the iBooks app. In the Reading Now tab, click on...

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New Christmas Book!

Santa's Magic Cookie Train, the picture eBook, is now available on Kindle, iBooks and Kobo! This is the delightful Christmas faerie tale for young children, telling how Santa was able to deliver presents when his sleigh broke down on Christmas Eve. This picture book...

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Here ye! Here ye! Here ye!

– town crier

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