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Glynn’s Story

Glynn Gomes is a writer and artist. His writing paints vivid stories, focusing on believable characters with whom readers can relate. He connects people with ideas, feelings, desires, and dreams. He explores the human condition. His writing is personal, and encourages readers to think, and feel, to gain insight or perspective, as they contemplate reality—or simply to escape it in a land of wonder or adventure. Sometimes, he supports his writing by drawing or painting. He hopes to enrich the world with thoughtful stories and beautiful art. He wants to take readers on a journey—in their minds—to someplace wonderful.

Glynn has also run an environmental management company for well over twenty years. As a consultant, he supports the space in which we all live, to contribute to sustaining Earth for all of us and future generations.



Lighthouse, inspiration

When times are troubled and you are yearning for something better—love, a better life, the fulfillment of a dream—take comfort if you are feeling isolated. We all share in the human condition and each of us is on a unique journey…

Santa’s Magic Cookie Train

Oh no! Santa crashed on Christmas eve:  “I’m afraid the sleigh is wrecked,” said Santa, “and we do not have a spare!” | “We must cancel Christmas,” he said; but his wife replied, “We must not dare!”

Let me take you on a journey to someplace wonderful.

– Glynn gomes

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