Lighthouse, inspiration


When times are troubled and you are yearning for something better—love, a better life, the fulfillment of a dream—take comfort if you are feeling isolated. We all share in the human condition and each of us is on a unique journey. These poems start with a wish for a better life, a feeling that hope is lost, of being blind, and feeling regret. Then hope returns with a leap of faith and the realization that your choices can help you achieve your goals. Finding happiness is within your grasp once more. And you are not alone. Each poem is accompanied by an enchanting illustration, drawn by the author, to help your contemplation.

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Glynn Gomes

Glynn Gomes is a writer and artist. His writing paints vivid stories, focusing on believable characters with whom readers can relate. He connects people with ideas, feelings, desires, and dreams.


The winds blow swift and sure
As I steer my little sailboat
Towards the island shore
And solid ground once more

– lighthouse, inspiration

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