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Astronomer’s Vision


Your Eyes

Astronomer’s Vision

 Stars: they do twinkle in the heavenly sky

With brilliant hues that catch the eye

Blues and reds, yellows and white

They shine, they gleam with angelic might

Just for the mortals who gaze tonight…

The sky is clear—the night is calm

The celestial sphere scintillates before the dawn

Fiery points burn through the void’s domain

Onto the earth and Lover’s Lane

On our land, during our reign…

A shooting star falls; it goes streaming thither

And causes Watchers to wish hither

For a life of freedom

A fantasy, a dream of another kingdom

Where life does beat to a different rhythm…


Morning’s promise

Winter’s night

You’ve called me quietly

Before the night


I hold your hands

And you cry in pain

I see your eyes

And know your pain


The day progresses

Winter regresses

The sun is hot

And the shadows are gone


As the sun falls

I hold you in my arms

I feel your warmth

And see your charms


You are here

Where you’ve always been

I’ve been blind

Why haven’t I seen?

Your Eyes

Your eyes remind me of an ocean

Of liquid sapphires

Crashing into the rocky cliff

Sparkling under the starlight


You are near

But out of reach

I look at you, for you

From the castle window


High above the cliff

I am trapped

Here: in this room

By a lock of my own design


I smile

This is the way it is

This is the way it has always been

I cry, then laugh


I watch the waves of uncertainty

Crash into the bluff

Not long ago I enjoyed them

But not anymore


It is quiet in my room

No, not quiet: subdued

The sound of the surf still reaches me

As if from another world


Now I hope to hear another noise:

A knocking at the door

If so I would ignore it

I would not unlock the door


And once again I am alone

Shadows dance about the room

From the candle on the table

Keeping midnight away


I smile again

And leave the window

To look at the candle’s flame

I laugh, then cry again and turn away


Drawn once again to the candle flame

I hold my hands closer to the light

Trying to keep the chill away

Now, I get burned


At least the cold does not burn

So I think, “Why not blow it out?”

But then I hear the waves crash outside

And I wonder… I wonder


Maybe it is not too late

I go to the door and hold the handle

I listen for someone beyond

There is, of course, no one


So I make sure the door is locked

And go back to bed

I lie down

And pull the covers up


I reach over to the candle

To extinguish it

And I smile

I must be careful not to get burned again


Then I hear the waves

And then I listen to the waves

And then I think of your eyes

And I smile


Then I laugh to myself

And rise from the bed

I carry the candle to the windowsill

And leave it there to burn all night

Want to read the entire thing?


The winds blow swift and sure
As I steer my little sailboat
Towards the island shore
And solid ground once more

– lighthouse, inspiration

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